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NFT Design / Cardano

Basho Coin NFT

Concept, 3D Modeling and Animation of an upcoming NFT release on Cardano by Zea Merch. Produced by CardanoArmy. Design by VHL Studio.


Zea Merch


3D Artist


June 2022


NFT in Action

Each coin represents a stage in the Cardano blockchain development. Being the last coin, an original design by VHL, created to commemorate the upcoming Basho phase in Cardano. The NFT in question is going to be claimed by scanning a similar physical coin with a phone/tablet. For more informations regarding the upcoming release please click the button below.

About Zea Merch

Zea Merch is a online store famous for selling limited edition physical coins that celebrates the milestones of the Cardano development. They also sell clothes and a variety of items with the Cardano branding.

About Cardano Army


The project was managed by CardanoArmy. A mission-driven organization built by Cardano community members focused on helping SPOs, Marketing, Content Creation and much more.